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An Album for Every Occasion

Birthday Party at The Albums
Birthday parties, vacations and holidays are photographed for sure, but afterwards they pile up on our hard drive or in the cloud and are rarely seen again. After this birthday, you can write a story, upload your favorite pictures and create an album in minutes. The party can be remembered and re-lived for years to come online at The Albums and in print with our One-Click Photo Books.

The Albums for Instagram

The Albums Print Photo Books From Instagram

If you love using Instagram, you’ll love it here. Keep using Instagram to capture those little moments and your posts will automatically be imported into The Albums alongside your other memories and easily printed with our One-Click Photo Books. If you use a specific hashtag for each of your kids you can use it here too to sort and print your pictures.

Photo Books at The Albums

At The Albums, you can easily create online albums for your family's story - and instantly make a printed photo book out of any of them! There are three photo book layouts you can choose from...
Option 1 || Photo Books for Instagram - Connect your Instagram account to The Albums and all of your past and future posts are automatically in online albums
Option 1 || Photo Books for Instagram -  Print all of your Instagram pictures or make a book of just one hashtag or family member
Option 1 || Photo Books for Instagram - You can print up to 250 Instagram images in one book - it’s just $10 for the first 60 pages and then $0.15 for each additional page
Option 1 || Photo Books for Instagram - Each page includes your image, the date the photo was posted to Instagram, and up to 300 characters of your caption
Option 1 || Photo Books for Instagram - If your caption is longer than 300 characters, it will continue onto the next page
Option 1 || Photo Books for InstagramSign up and connect your Instagram account and get started.
Options 2 & 3 || Begin your album by writing an optional story, as long or short as you’d like, that will be on the first page of your photo book

Options 2 & 3 || Then add all of your favorite pictures from a specific event or season (i.e. summertime, a birthday party, vacations and holidays, etc.)
Options 2 & 3 || Once you publish your album online, you'll be ready to order a photo book - you just need to decide if you want your captions printed or not. Each book is $10 for the first 60 pages and $.15 for each additional page.
Option 2 || Full-Bleed without Captions  -  For the times your images tell the story on their own, create a book with big, crisp images on every page
Option 3 || Full-Bleed with Captions  - Or use captions to add details you don't want to forget... Your captions will be on the left-hand page of the book, and your images on the right
Options 2 & 3 || The Full-Bleed Book, with or without captions, is also perfect for any of your projects like documenting your family’s days, a baby’s first year, a Project 365, or Project 52


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The Albums is an ad-free and lasting home for our family and yours. Easily create online albums so that your kids can remember and relive your family’s story on any device for years to come.

photo books starting at $10

 Any album you make can easily be printed into a 6 inch x 6 inch soft-cover book starting at $10 plus shipping.