Each day we’re telling a story to our kids.

We’re telling them the story of who they are and who we are.
The story of what the world is and what they’ll find in it.

It’s in the everyday, ordinary routine that we’re telling the story. As we’re packing up for school, feeding babies, playing dress up, tucking into bed and reading one more book, the story keeps on rolling.

But what stories are we telling?

I want the stories I tell to be full of celebration and thankfulness. I want them to tell my kids that we have more than enough & we always will… That we have exactly the grace we need to get through each day as it comes… And that we have unique things we can give the world generously and confidently.

What about you?

Let’s be families that know and love the stories we’re telling. Let’s take it one day at a time, and let’s figure it out together. Join in on Instagram by purposefully tagging your posts with these hashtags, so we can encourage and celebrate each other in the joys and struggles of life as family. Each week, @thealbumsco will feature several posts from each hashtag.


Because there’s just not many things that are more powerful than a thankful heart. Practicing it together will make it easier and easier until it works its way into our hearts and families and becomes a part of who we are. Let’s let our kids see us choosing to laugh and remember the good that’s right in front of us. Tag with #instaprompt_thankful to share all the little and big things you’re choosing to be thankful for today. 


Let’s be present and give our whole selves to the moment we’re in. Let’s set good boundaries for ourselves that will help us have peaceful hearts and homes no matter how full the days are. Let’s take something off our to-do list today, so we can say yes to enjoying something we love. Share how you’re choosing stillness today and encourage the rest of us to do the same with #instaprompt_stillness.


What are you celebrating today? A milestone for you or one of your kids? A birthday? One of those tiny victories we all experience every week – like facing a fear or sharing something we made with someone else or trying something for the very first time? Tag it with #instaprompt_celebrate so we can celebrate with you!


Let’s have the courage to figure out our family’s unique story.  Let’s celebrate each other’s strengths and victories and walk right next to each other in the places that feel hard. Let’s fight to have generous, kind hearts towards our kids, our spouses, and ourselves. Share what being “us” looks like at your house using #instaprompt_us.


How are you celebrating the unique things that you and your kids are bringing into the world? How do you give your kids the space and trust they need to do things their own way? How do you make room for creativity in your home? This one could bring all kinds of things to mind – share them all with #instaprompt_free!

How do you decide what posts get featured?

Any post thoughtfully tagged with the specific hashtag and @thealbumsco is eligible. The guest instagrammer who is responsible for the hashtags will feature 3 to 5 posts per week that resonated with her based on the combination of the picture and caption.

Can I tag old posts with an #instaprompt hashtag? 

Sure, but most likely we won’t be able to see them since when we look for posts to feature they are sorted by the date the photo was posted and not when the hashtag was added.

What if I have a private account?

If you have a private account then we can’t see your instaprompts. But don’t worry, just leave a comment on one of our posts today to let us know you are doing #instaprompt and have a private account and we will request to follow you. Then we can see all of your posts and know when you have done a new #instaprompt.


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