@thealbumsco on Instagram has simplified!

Instead of the instaprompt hashtags, we’re just using one hashtag now –  #thealbumsco_us

The images we hope you’ll share with us are the ones that reflect what it means for your family to be you. What are the things you love? The things you make space for no matter what? What are your traditions and how do you celebrate each other? What does summertime mean for your family and what do your early mornings look like and what are the last things you talk about before falling asleep? I could go on & on with this list, but basically – we want to know what makes your family you.



Can I tag old posts with the #thealbumsco_us hashtag? 

Sure, but most likely we won’t be able to see them since when we look for posts to feature they are sorted by the date the photo was posted and not when the hashtag was added.

What if I have a private account?

If you have a private account then we can’t see your posts. But don’t worry, just leave a comment on one of our posts today to let us know you are using the hashtag and have a private account and we will request to follow you.


A special thanks to Emoji One for designing and offering these emojis for free in our printed photo books and online.